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Monthly Instalment Payments

At Flex Insurance, you can now opt to pay your insurance premium via equal monthly instalments.

What are monthly instalments?

These are 12 equal monthly payments giving you the freedom to spread the total insurance premium equally over 12 months (no additional fees) or via one lump sum. Instalments are only available for the total premium payable, ie. it is not available to one lot for their part payment. There is no additional fee to pay via instalments, however, please note that if a payment is dishonoured there will be a late payment fee. 

Which products?

Instalment option available for 12 month policies for the product below:

  • Flex Residential Strata Insurance

Who can pay via instalments?

  • Customers who acquire a policy directly through Flex Insurance have an option to pay for the policy by way of instalments.


  • For new customers you can complete the Online Direct Debit request form at the end of the online application form or complete this form and send it back to or call our customer service team on 1300 289 248 during business hours.
  • Once you have completed this form and your application is approved you will receive the instalment schedule, PDS and insurance certificate.