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Strata Building Cover

Insurance for your bricks, mortar and more

Flex Insurance covers the most important aspects of your property – the building and and all the common property that makes the Strata community.

What is strata building insurance?

Strata building insurance is a compulsory part of the strata insurance that body corporates purchase to cover the building and many assets on a strata property if they're damaged or destroyed. These include not only the building itself but also common property - sheds, carports, fences, balconies, lighting and fixed items within units.

What does it cover?

There’s more to a building than meets the eye.

Building and building elements that are covered include common property such as: 

  • steps 
  • stairwells 
  • driveway
  • glass windows
  • doors
  • oven/stove
  • fixed kitchen cupboards
  • fixed bathroom vanity
  • shower screens
  • fences
  • letterboxes
  • gates and video entries
  • garage doors
  • common gardens and irrigation systems
  • rainwater tanks
  • guttering and downpipes
  • basements 
  • fire exits
  • garbage chutes and bin rooms
  • sheds
  • garages and carports
  • gazebos, patios and conservatories
  • structural walls, foundations and formwork
  • plumbing and wiring
  • balconies and balustrades
  • sewers and septic tanks systems
  • external and common-area lighting and security
  • roofing/ceilings
  • cooling towers

Insuring a strata property in:

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Frequently asked questions

  • What types of property are covered?

    Flex Insurance covers all sorts of strata buildings from single level duplexes and rows of townhouses to towering apartment complexes. In fact, any building that’s part of a strata plan.

  • Does strata insurance cover the building?

    Yes it does! You don't need a separate policy to cover the building.

  • Do I need building insurance for a strata unit?

    If you own a strata unit, you generally don't need to take out separate building insurance, as the building should be covered by the strata insurance policy that your body corporate has purchased. You should, however, take out contents insurance or landlords insurance as strata insurance doesn't cover personal items within your unit.

  • What about shared contents?

    Yes, Flex Insurance covers the contents of common areas too - indoors and out.

  • Who pays for the insurance?

    Your owners’ corporation (also called body corporate, strata corporation, corporation and strata company - depending on the state or territory) pays the building insurance premium out of the strata fees it collects from owners each year. That means, as a unit owner, you don’t need to take out your own building insurance – it’s already covered. However, building and strata insurance stop at the door to your unit, so if you want total peace-of-mind, it's best to take out contents or landlord insurance to cover all the things inside your unit.