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Our Strategy

Everything that we do at Flex Insurance is viewed through our customer lens. Our objectives and our deliverables that address emerging and ongoing business considerations must successfully pass through the 3 filters to ensure a sharpened and comprehensive focus on our customers:

1. Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion is deeply embedded in our culture. We are committed to ensuring we continue to maintain a diverse and inclusive culture for our people, and to extend this to our customers and our community. Key focusses for us beyond 2021 are accessibility for community and customer and contributions to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Our commitment to diversity has seen some key milestones achieved over the last few years:

  • We have equal representation of Women and Men on our Leadership Team.
  • Working towards Family Friendly Workplace Accreditation through Parents at Work.
  • Appointed our first female CEO, Kimberley Jonsson.
  • 100% of our workforce have some kind of flexible working arrangement.
  • Addressed Gender Pay Gap to have 100% equity across Female and Male salaries in 2021.
  • Awarded inaugural ANZIIF Excellence in Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Award 2019.
  • CHU proudly became a member of the Diversity Council of Australia in 2019 as part of our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion.

  • In February 2022, Flex was granted certification as a Family Inclusive Workplace™ by Parents at Work organisation and UNICEF Australia. The certification follows Flex Insurance introducing in July last year a fully flexible hybrid work model open to all staff at every level. The model gives people the choice of where and when they do their best work, whether this be in the office, at home or another location or a combination.

2. AI & Technology

The need to constantly improve and adapt to meet our customers needs is a core focus for CHU as is the understanding that embracing technology and innovation is the means to meet those changing needs and continue to lead the industry.

Our technology focus is highlighted through many of the initiatives that we have achieved:

  • Majority of core business applications have been developed in-house.
  • Healthy degree of autonomy to drive out solutions to meet customer needs.
  • Make use of market leading technologies with the freedom to experiment.
  • Genuine recognition of the value of technology across all levels of the organisation.

3. Environment and Sustainability

CHU are 100% carbon neutral. We are committed to making a difference in reducing the effects of climate change and ensuring the environmental sustainability of our planet. We are proud of the initiatives we have delivered:

  • We are actively working with our Claims panel suppliers to become carbon neutral in 2022.
  • We are committed to using environmentally friendly and sustainable products in our Claims, such as eco-friendly paint, diverting trade waste for claims to a recycling plant to reduce landfill, and we are also trialing environmentally friendly cleaning products in restoration.
  • Through a partnership with the Forktree project, we offset our carbon by planting trees on an ongoing basis. We have donated tree stakes made from recycled materials to ensure minimal impact to the environment.
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Work with Flex Insurance

A career at Flex Insurance is a career of opportunity. The opportunity to create, innovate and grow. When you join our team, you’re joining an industry leader with a track record for putting our people and our customers first.

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Who we are

Flex Insurance is part of CHU Underwriting Agencies. CHU Underwriting Agencies have been operating as the leading Strata Underwriting Agency in Australia for over 40 years. We have maintained this market position because of our greatest asset, our people. Our customers are at the heart of what we do and creating an exceptional customer experience is our focus.

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Our benefits

It’s important to us that our people receive meaningful rewards for the good work that they do. Our rewards are constantly evolving so our people are not only rewarded for good work, but supported to achieve a strong work-life balance.