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Strata insurance Western Australia

Cover for Perth and beyond

In WA, the Council of Owners must take out insurance on behalf of the Strata Company. Flex Insurance lets you tailor your strata insurance.

Essentials cover

Under WA law – the Strata Titles Act 1985 (WA) and other legislation – body corporates and councils of owners are required to take out certain minimum cover. So Flex Residential Strata Insurance automatically includes insurance for:

  • Your residential property – which includes the cost of damage and repairs to the buildings and common areas on your property, as well as floor, ceiling and balcony structures, external walls, entry areas, staircases and fire escapes, and the building’s plumbing and wiring.
  • Your liability to others – when someone is injured on common areas or something they own is damaged while at your property, your council of owners may be found liable due to negligence and be ordered to pay compensation. This is covered by your policy’s automatic public liability insurance.

Optional extras

Once you’ve covered the essentials, your committee can choose which optional add-ons it wants to include, such as:

  • Voluntary workers' cover – for anyone who is working voluntarily for your body corporate and suffers an injury.
  • Fidelity guarantee – in case your body corporate falls victim to theft or fraud by a member of your strata committee, and suffers financial loss.
  • Office bearer’s legal liability – helps take care of the cost of legal fees if someone makes a claim against your strata committee members, and they are ordered to pay compensation.
  • Machinery breakdown cover – really handy if your property has lifts, water pumps, common area climate control, shared laundry facilities or other motors that can break down and cost a lot to repair.
  • Catastrophe cover – this often over-looked option kicks in when a widespread declared catastrophe such as a cyclone or bushfire occurs, and your property faces higher repair costs due to the increased demand for builders and tradespeople.
  • Government audit costs and legal expenses cover – provides cover in the event of a government audit, protection if the council of owners needs to appeal an unreasonable Order imposed by a statutory body and provides cover for legal defence costs.
  • Lot owners’ fixtures and improvements – makes up for the shortfall between the estimated replacement cost of your property and its true replacement cost when any improvements or renovations are factored-in for which the council of owners was unaware.

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Why choose Flex Insurance?

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Flexibility - design your own policy

Market leading fully flexible strata insurance with the ability to customise your policy to suit your strata building.

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Simple and Affordable

Flex cuts through the confusing insurance jargon with easy to understand strata policies helping you choose the cover that is best for you.

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24/7 Claims

24/7 claims service and support with emergency assistance to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

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Over 40 Years of innovation

Brought to you by Australia’s first and leading strata specialist CHU Underwriting Agencies.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is regional WA covered by Flex strata insurance?

    Definitely. While Perth certainly has the majority of strata properties in Western Australia, other cities and major towns such as Bunbury, Geraldton, Albany, Kalgoorlie, Busselton all have strata properties as well. And their councils of owners all want the peace of mind that comes with flexible, dependable, WA-specific strata insurance.

  • Is strata insurance compulsory in WA?

    In Western Australia, section 83 of the Community Titles Act 2018 and section 97 of the Strata Titles Act 1985, require the council of owners to take out strata insurance to cover:

    1. The repair or replacement of the building and common property in the event of damage
    2. Public liability claims for personal injury or personal property damage that happens in connection with the strata’s common property

    Owners corporations can also take out optional cover to include such things as theft and fraud, machinery breakdown, committee indemnity, and injury suffered by workers or volunteers.

  • Who is responsible for strata insurance?

    The strata company is responsible for taking out strata insurance. In practical terms, this means it’s usually the council of owners that purchases from the insurance company, or via a broker or strata manager on behalf of the strata company, however members of the strata company (i.e. the unit owners) have the right to inspect the policy, check that it is adequate, and that it represents value for money.

  • Does residential strata insurance cover the building?

    Strata insurance covers councils of owners for the cost of repairing or replacing the building's infrastructure, such as the walls and windows, stairwells and fire exits, common lobbies and facilities, lighting, security systems and even areas which aren't accessible to all residents such as individual balconies and managers' offices.

  • Does residential strata insurance cover the whole title?

    Councils of owners take out strata insurance to cover areas of the property that are owned jointly by the lot owners, such as the building, common areas inside and outside the building, driveways, carparks and garages plus garden sheds. These items are defined in the WA strata title. Outdoor landscaping and gardens may have set limits and machinery should have a specific listing in the policy.

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