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Flex Insurance offers multiple payment methods to make paying your premiums as flexible as possible.

Payment Options

  • Credit Card

    a) To pay your premium via credit card click here for VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners Club. Suitable for split payments. 

    Payment can be made using the DEFT reference number found on the Tax Invoice page of your policy schedule. 


    b) Over the phone on 1300 001 293 (Self-managed strata customer enquiries) or 1300 201 021 (Broker and strata manager enquiries) to Flex Insurance for VISA and MasterCard only. No split payments. 

  • BPay

    You can pay online via internet banking. Simply quote our Biller Code (20362) and your BPAY Reference Number found on your Tax Invoice to pay via your bank account. Suitable for split payments. Suitable for split payments. No Transaction Fee.

  • By Australia Post

    Payment can be made at any Australia Post outlet or agent. Please present your DEFT payment slip for scanning.

    All requests to negate charges due to fraudulent credit card use will be investigated by our technical department and legal advisors. Should you make a fraudulent claim of unauthorised card usage, this will be reported to the credit card service and may result in cancellation of your card service.

    Note: Macquarie no longer accepts cash payments via DEFT at Australia Post outlets from Friday 29 April 2022.

  • EFT

    EFT (Direct Deposit/ Bank Transfer). Suitable for split payments. No Transaction Fee. Our payment details are located at the bottom of your Tax Invoice.