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How to save your clients money on their residential strata insurance

As we all know, we live in unprecedented times. During these times strata property owners may be facing financial hardship, job insecurity and cash flow issues but owners’ corporations/body corporates still need to adequately insure their residential strata property while trying to save money.  

Reflecting this need in March and April, Flex Insurance experienced its highest volume of new business and engaged a number of new intermediaries.

“While we have continued to grow quickly the growth throughout March and April was unprecedented” said Flex Insurance General Manager Frank Scamarcia.

Now is the time to try Flex Insurance

Backed by QBE and developed in consultation with CHU, brokers and strata managers, Flex is one of the most flexible residential strata insurance products on the market. Flex Insurance is available 24/7 on the StrataTech Platform

Flex offers the choice of tailored to fully comprehensive cover at an affordable price point. Cover can be tailored through a range of optional inclusions and is suitable for small to large residential strata buildings.

The range of optional inclusions you can choose to remove includes floating floorboards, fusion, extended temporary accommodation and rent, government audit costs and expenses. When you make changes on Stratatech you get live pricing, so there is no need to ring and make changes.

Comprehensive Cover Available

If comprehensive cover is required then with 1 click you can option up and obtain a quote for comprehensive cover.

Through 40 years’ experience Flex Insurance provides comprehensive cover at an affordable price point through lowered limits and cover on certain benefits coupled with the removal of few special features.

Importantly while being able to offer comprehensive cover at an affordable price point through selected lowered sub limits Flex matches CHU on key features including defects, asbestos, cladding, total sum insured and claims. Claims are managed through the dedicated local and national CHU claims team, available 24/7, and backed up with 24/7 claims service and support with emergency assistance.

Flex Residential Strata Plan Insurance

Automatic Inclusions: Insured Property (the common property and the building), Liability to Others, Voluntary Workers (NSW only), Fidelity Guarantee (SA only)

Optional Inclusions: Ability to include one or more the following covers:

  • Voluntary Workers’ (Optional in all states except NSW)
  • Fidelity Guarantee (Optional in all states except SA)
  • Office Bearers’ Liability
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Catastrophe
  • Government Audit costs, Appeal and Legal Expenses
  • Lot Owners’ Fixtures and Improvements

Getting started is easy

For more information on Flex Residential Strata Plan Insurance in your state:

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To access Flex Insurance Residential Strata Insurance through your StrataTech login click here.

If you have any questions regarding Flex Insurance click here.